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Restore Music / Fourpoint Records / Triplepoint Records / Diva Records (Italy) / Cablage Records / Berlin Aufnahmen / Cocuną Records / Plastic People / Fruit Two Records / Warner Chappell Records / Minimal Empire (Owna Music) / Pirames International / Lotus Flowers / Drope / Music Waves / Reset Mind (Holland) / Family Business Records (Colombia) / Clatch Records (Ita) / Steel Ground Records (Colombia)



Andrea Barcariol alias Bice B was born in 1989 in a small town near Milan (Italy). He showed an aptitude to music since he was a child. At 13 years old, he played the bass guitar with his band and later he approached to electronic music. This is the reason why, at the age of 15, he bought two turntables and started practising. Few years later, his career as a dj, takes off and he started some collaborations with other djs in Europe. In June 2012 he signed up his first ep, released with Colombian Label.  He improved his knowledge inspired by the world of productions, acquiring more and more professional equipment that led him to sign contracts with labels such as: Diva Records, Triplepoint and Cocuna Records and to forge collaborations with artists such as: Mike Newmann , Atesh K and Isac. In 2017 he managed to realize his biggest dream: he recorded his first track on vinyl. This goal motivated Bice B to be even more creative to produce more and more actual techno music, mixing different kind of sounds ready for the best dance club in the word! In 2018 he created his own studio "TNT Music Department" where he is still producing his new tracks.